Prepare your House for viewing

Putting your house for sale is a big event and there is a lot of responsibility that lies on the shoulder of the owner to arrange the viewing. You are meeting your potential buyer for the first time so your house must look its best as the saying goes that first impression is to last for long. Whether you want to arrange the viewing on your own or seek the help of Private property management uae, you have to prepare the house nevertheless. In this post, we will share tips to prepare your bouse and impress the buyers.

Deep Clean

First and foremost, get rid of the dirt and dust. Mow your lawn, fix the broken fences, move the heaps of garbage away. Clean the driveway of scattered leaves and give it a good rinse.


You can’t represent an old-looking house to your client. To get a great market value, you must invest in the look of your house. Redo the old paint, polish the wood, and fix the broken pieces of furniture wherever you find it.


The next step is to de-clutter the house from the things that you don’t need anymore. Get rid of extra stuff and clean the surfaces of all the shelves.


The house you put viewing should be ready to welcome new inhabitants. That’s why you must remove the belongings that depict your life in the house such as photographs, achievements, etc.


Clean the bedrooms and invest in some new linen and duvets to give the room a finished look. Think about the furnishing in the furniture stores or home textile shops and make an effort the follow the guidelines. You can also move around the furniture to change the setting and place fresh flowers to give a new warm welcome to the visitors.

Kitchen and Toilets

The kitchen and toilets require extra cleaning and you must give them a fresh look. In the kitchen, remove the unnecessary stuff from the counter so the visitor may be able to see the condition of the building. In toilets, remove the toiletry and place new fresh towels.

Know the details

Being an owner or even the host, you must be aware of all the details of the house for example its total area and history as when it was built, etc. The buyers are always interested in such details so do your research and keep all the answers ready. Furnish all the details to the Project management companies in uae so that the buyers are aware of all the details about the house.

During the Visit tips

When you are hosting the property for visitation, allow your visitors to roam independently to view the property in detail. Be ready to answer their concerns but you have to be smart to not give unnecessary information which is irrelevant and can potentially damage your sale.